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Integrated Engineering Solutions

Give us a few weeks. We’ll give you the best of all worlds.

Maof’s end-to-end integrated engineering solutions allow you to handpick the various systems you need, and benefit from the unique attributes of each. You’ll never need to deal with numerous suppliers or contractors again – Maof handles the entire integration, providing an outstanding solution that integrates multiple technologies from diverse manufacturers into one seamless process flow.

Whether you require a single piece of standalone machinery or an entire factory line, Maof’s experienced engineers begin by working closely alongside you to understand your facility’s precise needs, and then plan, design and manufacture an exact, tailor-made solution. The product is then installed on premises, with Maof’s advanced integration ensuring that every piece of machinery becomes part of a smooth, efficient and intelligent system. And with top after-sales service that includes training, quality assurance, inspections and upgrades, we’re with you for the long run – every step of the way.

Maof can find the best way to integrate your new equipment into an existing layout – or create a new, innovative design that enhances today’s efficiency while setting the stage for future growth. Our advanced planning software provides 3-D images of the final production line, helping to optimize the plan’s execution.

Our dedication to your needs goes even further. With a vast network of close contacts in every field, if any part of a solution lies outside our domain of expertise, we can help ensure that you obtain the solution that’s exactly right for you.


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