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Waste Management and Recycling Machinery

The most difficult issues require the smartest solutions.

Maof specializes in the manufacture of equipment for treating and recycling municipal waste, sewage and air. Our advanced recycling applications, cutting-edge air filtration equipment and special waste treatment systems – including conveyors, sorters, graders and more - can increase efficiency, reduce cost and support environmental friendliness.

From standalone equipment that supports your treatment facility, to turnkey solutions for all waste sorting and filtration needs, Maof has the answer for every waste management and recycling need. We work closely with you to characterize the entire scope of your system and the project’s specific requirements, then design and build a customized solution. Following installation, Maof remains on hand for the duration of the product’s use, available when needed, with after-sales service that includes parts replacement, ongoing maintenance and additional upgrades.


Maof handles three main categories of waste management:

  • Municipal Waste:  Maof’s machinery and heavy duty conveyor systems are ideal for the sorting and filtration of industrial and municipal waste. 
  • Sewage Treatment: Maof outfits your entire sewage treatment facility, from water recycling systems and advanced sorting and filtration equipment, to tailor-made engineering solutions.
  • Polluted Air Treatment: Utilizing the technology of leading clean air technology companies, Maof provides end-to-end solutions for factories, municipalities, and all sites that face the demand to clean and filter their air from pollutants.

 Maof – Smart green solutions for all your waste management and recycling needs.


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