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From pond to market, preserve the high quality of your entire chain of production – with Maof. 

Maof’s complete Aquaculture solutions provide a one stop shop for fisheries, from farm to points of sale. The Maof advantage enables small and mid-sized farms to create a sustainable production line that is cost-efficient to maintain, allowing swift recovery of investment.

Whether your farm is based on pond culture, cage culture or intensive indoor fish raising facilities, Maof works in collaboration with it's sister company AquaMaof, to provide complete end-to-end solutions, supplying all equipment and facilities, with tailored modifications according to the species being grown.   

The process begins with the initial characterization and customized design of the fishery, where we determine the project’s scale based on exact customer need. Production site creation for both open ponds and cages includes a tailor-made growth and feeding system, and when it’s time for harvesting, Maof’s unique screw elevator system - the first of its kind in the world – removes the fish safely to a transfer tank for transport, maintaining the health and quality of the fish and prolonging its shelf life.

Following installation, Maof ensures proper integration and trains the fishery’s workers in its correct usage. And with years of experience in fish production and a vast professional network, Maof can provide consulting services regarding any and all technologies related to fish farming.

In today’s era of heightened ecological awareness, Maof commitment to the environment can be seen in our eco-friendly model that enhances a farm’s sustainability and cost effectiveness. We’ve merged production, processing and packaging into one facility, with an environmental concept that renders your farm’s waste into a useful by-product, such as fuel or fish feed.

Maof - Partner to your successful fishery business.



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