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Industrial Machinery

For peace of mind and high performance, there’s Maof.

Decades of engineering and manufacturing experience enable Maof to deliver an endless variety of tailor-made machinery solutions for every possible need. From a single piece of equipment to an end-to-end factory line, Maof has the answer.

Our highly experienced engineers, consultants and specialized mechanics work closely with you to help characterize your exact needs, and then design, build and implement a tailor-made conveyor system or standalone machine. We ensure that all equipment on premises is integrated into one seamless operation, and then remain on hand to provide complete after-sale service, including comprehensive personnel training and prompt handling of any issue that may arise throughout the product’s lifespan.

Catering to a multitude of industries, including Aquaculture, Food, Plastics, Defense, Agriculture, Recycling, Waste Management and more, Maof is committed to creating the most cost-effective and high performing solution for its customers. All Maof products are manufactured in our modern facilities by experienced industry professionals and in adherence to relevant international standards, including ASME, DIN and ISO.



 Our equipment includes, among others: 

  • Conveyors - of every kind and for every usage, from heavy industrial applications to light weight systems and screw conveyors
  • Industrial cleaning machines - suitable for cages, plastic boxes, crates and trays 
  • Tipping devices – from tipping bins and tanks to Vemag carts
  • Lifting equipment – from big bag lifting systems to entire hydraulic lifting platforms
  • Thermal devices – from industrial ovens and pasteurizing machines to thermal conveyors
  • Filtering systems – from industrial and spiral drum filters to filtering conveyor systems
  • Vibrators – from vibrating sorting machines to feeding machines
  • Weighing systems – for industrial and agricultural usage


Maof – Proven reliable solutions.



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