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About Us

Maof is a leading manufacturer of industrial lines and equipment, specializing in standalone machinery and integrated turnkey solutions for the aquaculture, food, plastics, defense, agriculture, waste disposal and recycling industries.

Whether you require a specific piece of equipment, an entire factory line or a machine not yet in existence, Maof’s high performing and cost-effective solutions will enable you to maintain your competitive advantage and stay ahead of today’s market.

Founded in 1989, Maof employs over 20 dedicated workers. Our highly experienced engineers, consultants and specialized mechanics will work closely alongside you to characterize your project’s specific needs and then design, manufacture, install and integrate the ideal solution. If various types of technological equipment are involved, Maof specializes in seamless factory line integration.

Once your line or equipment is up and running, our after-sale service includes comprehensive personnel training and guidance in its operation, and we remain at your service for any questions or issues that may arise throughout the product’s lifespan.

Decades of in-the-field experience enable Maof to provide unique, tailor-made solutions that precisely fit your company’s growing needs. And if you are a foreign business looking to partner with a design and fabrication facility in Israel, Maof has vast experience in smoothing the way for a swift, successful and satisfactory collaboration.


Maof – Experience counts.

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